With Graphic Whizard’s integration between Fiery Driven™ print engines and Graphic Whizard offline finishers, users can save up to 70% in setup time while reducing cost and waste.

Graphic Whizard

PT 335SCC B Multi

Slit, Cut, Crease Up/Down, Cross/Rotary Perf & Score

Built on the same platform as the PT 335SCC Multi, the PT 335SCC B Multi has all of the same capabilities with the exception of strike perf, bar code reader and dual direction cut mark reader. This floor model,automatic feed/slit/cut/crease machine with a maximum sheet width of 13” can perform up to 32 creases per sheet, has a 4” vacuum pile feeder, 9” color touchscreen, lead edge cut mark reader, ultrasonic doubles detect and interchangeable crease/cross perf dies.

The PT 335SCC Multi series has a choice of five creasing widths, as well as an array of rotary tools for perforating and scoring. For strike perf option, bar code/OMR software, cut mark registration in both directions see model PT 335SCC Multi.

  • 25 sheets per minute
    8.5” x 11” 2 cuts, 1 crease
  • 110-130V, 50/60Hz, 15A
  • Minimum 8.26″ wide x 8.16″ long (20.98cm x 20.72cm)
    Maximum 13″ wide x 26.5″ long (33.02cm x 67.31cm) 40” handfed (104 cm)