Graphic Whizard

Perfect Binding

Graphic Whizard perfect binding systems are easy to use and produce excellent results on short to medium length perfect binding runs. The machines are solidly built and include standard features normally seen on more expensive units. Available in both EVA and PUR perfect binding models.

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is a hot melt glue that is applied melted with a drum and quickly bonds to paper fibers as the glue cools. It can be reheated numerous times which reduces waste and produces a strong hold on uncoated stocks with fibrous paper grain.

The benefit of PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) is its ability to cure to coated stocks. The glue cures through a chemical reaction by pulling moisture out of the air which allows it to cure to coated
stocks and glossy text where EVA glues struggle. The PUR glue is more flexible and resistant to temperature versus EVA glue making it a stronger option for almost all perfect binding applications. The flexibility and contact bond of the PUR glue allows our PUR perfect binding systems to produce strong and adaptable spines that allow books to lay flat when opened.