Graphic Whizard

Features & Benefits

The following outlines some of the things which make our products far superior than the rest. Read on and you’ll discover why!

Head Rotation: Heads rotate and lock in any position throughout 360 degrees for perfect register. If the box that a number is placed in is out of register, and you are limited to only 90 degree increments for number position, it looks like the number is crooked. Some manufacturers have the operator physically remove the head, and remount it at every 90 degrees. With a Graphic Whizard, the heads “swivel” with ease.
Unique Feeder Design: Our unique feeder design is the only one on the market, that can consistently and accurately feed any-sized, pre-padded carbonless set from the unglued side. Why limit yourself to feeding only the glued side? How would you perforate along that side? With a Graphic Whizard, you can create “snap sets” while you number.
Perforating & Scoring: Perforate, score and slit at the entrance of the machine, not on an exit shaft. Blades can be changed in seconds without removing any shafts. Anvil style perf provides a burr-free, flat finish. Tail whips are eliminated by the use of several tires, which hold the sheet perfectly square. Individually adjust the depth of each perf/score or slit independently of the others!
Easy Programming: Microprocessor control ensures accurate results. Backward AND forward stepping allows for easy, perfect number placement with a single set up sheet. On a Graphic Whizard, if you make a mistake while programming, you never have to clear the sheet and start over.
Modular Design: Graphic Whizard’s new product line features an entirely new, modular design. This eliminates the need to EVER trade in your older model for a more productive one. Simply “upgrade” it. For instance, if the GW 3000 fits your needs perfectly TODAY, you don’t need to get out your crystal ball to determine how many jobs MIGHT be coming through the door in the future. You could upgrade it at any time to any of the other models.
Electronic Impression Control: Microprocessor and digital control in all our models allow us to control with great precision, the time for which we energize our drive units. The voltage is not varied. This allows us to impart more or less inertia on the head depending on how much of the stroke we energize for, thus controlling the strength of our numbering head crash. Simply put, the longer we accelerate for, the faster we go, and the harder we hit. We have NEVER replaced a solenoid because of impression control changes. Never! Our competitors use the same force, but increase or decrease the head height to get a heavier or lighter crash. This may cause premature head damage
Bushings: The shafts are supported in the machine and spin within oil-impregnated bronze bushings. These automatically release oil to the shafting as required. They are stressed in the unit at less than 30% of their rated load.
Head Driver: We are unique in the way we propel your numbering heads to the paper: we refer to it as “inertia drive”. Whether using our electronic or pneumatic drive units, there is no direct coupling of the numbering head to the driver. The driver stroke is shorter than the head’s travel to the paper. The driver has been specifically engineered to produce rapid acceleration, impact the numbering head under inertia, and immediately release! With the inertia transferred from the driver, the numbering head is propelled to the paper, makes an impression, and is free to return. The result is a clean and clear number. The further benefit to this method is the reduced wear and tear on the head frame, components, wheels etc, resulting in a longer head life.
Numbering Head: The standard head offered is an all steel numbering machine manufactured by Reiner Gmbh & Co. in Germany. It has been our head of choice since we began in 1987, and has proved so reliable that two of our competitors subsequently chose the same supplier’s numbering head for use in their machines.
Shafting: All turning shafts in our products are made from a special high tensile strength steel which offers the strength, rigidity, resistance to deflection, and a number of other critical mechanical properties normally available only on shafts of significantly larger diameter. The shafting is supplied “centerless ground” to exacting specifications measured at one-half of one thousandth of an inch (0.0005″). The shafting is also plated with a very hard skin of chromium to prevent corrosion and “pitting” from set screws. This shafting has proved so durable that we have never replaced a shaft on any unit due to wear or fatigue.
Rollers: All are solid urethane and are impervious to cleaning chemistry, chemicals in the paper (such as the ones in carbonless paper), and whatever else may contact them. They are also capable of being machined to more precise tolerances, are more resistant to abrasion, and quite simply last longer.
Electronics: So reliable that we back them for five years (see our warranty for details). If a circuit ever fails, the self diagnostic features identify the problem immediately and correction can be carried out without requiring a service call. Exchanging the circuit boards has also been made simple enough that a technician may not be required. Of course, with our network of dealers around the world, help is never more than a phone call away.
Drive Train: All drive components are metal. The main timing belt is steel reinforced. The motors are brushless. All require no maintenance.
5-year Limited Warranty: The best feature of all our machines is the warranty. You can’t go wrong when buying a machine that the manufacturer stands behind for so long!

Mechanical Parts: 5 years
Electronics: 5 years, prorated
Numbering Heads: 1 year
- Excludes consumables