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1. The sixth digit on my six digit numbering head will not turn over automatically during a job?

The sixth digit must be turned over manually every hundred thousand.

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2. Adjusting your Repeat Selector Switch

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3. The 5th digit on my condensed 8 digit head will not turn over automatically during a job?

The condensed 8 digit head only has four wheels that turn automatically, all other wheels must be turned manually.
(Note: This is also true for a 3.5 mm 6 digit head)

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4. I’m trying to number the same number twice on a sheet. I have the repeat selector set on 2 repeats and I get 2 different numbers per sheet.

Check and see if the first number on the second sheet, is the same as the last number on the previous sheet.
The numbering head is a mechanical device and may manually need to go through a stroke for the correct repeat sequence to appear on the first sheet.
You may need to manually put the numbering head through a single stroke.

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5. My numbering head keeps getting locked down after it numbers.

The numbering head must be 1/4” from the crash pad. If the bottom of the head is higher than 1/4” the numbering head will lock down.
Review your Operator’s Manual to review the procedure for leveling the numbering head.

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6. The 5th or 6th digit drop wheel on my numbering head will not drop out of sight or will not stay locked out of sight.

Make sure the numbering head is clean*. If after cleaning, the wheels still do not drop out of sight, the wheels may be broken.
Contact your dealer.
To clean your numbering head – use WD40 and a tooth brush.

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7. Why do I keep getting Error Code 01/03?

This can indicate that the photocell needs to be cleaned.
(Important: Only clean the photocell with a dry cotton swab or compressed air. DO NOT use canned air regularly.)
Make sure the paper is not skewing as it passes the photocell.
Make sure all pulleys and belts are tight.
Ensure stock length is the same from 1 sheet to another.
Make sure you are using the stripper assemblies provided and ensure that they are positioned correctly; one against the Operator side plate, the short photocell stripper between it and the photocell. (Both are placed under the Reflector for SN2110 and lower) The other two stripper assemblies should be positioned evenly across the rest of the stock.

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8. The stock doesn’t stop for the numbering head to fire.

Make sure you have the operator side guide in the feed tray positioned all the way to the operator side of the feed tray.
Make certain that the stripper assembly is not blocking the photocell.
Clean the photocell.

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9. What does Error 10/13 mean and how do I clear it?

Error 10 means “Channel 1 Open” and Error 13 means “Channel 2 open”. These errors are typically caused when a numbering program hasn’t been cleared from memory, the heads are not plugged in, or the numbering head is in a locked position unable to fire.

This can also be caused by a loose connection between the drive unit and circuit board. Ensure all connections are secure in the wiring harness and under the drive unit cover. Try clearing the memory of the previous job again.

For Model GW 3000 / 6000 SN 2110 and lower; if error codes appear after pressing SET/FWD and paper advancing to position 75, press “STOP” to clear error code and then continue to clear memory. Note: memory is not cleared if the display has a decimal point still showing. ( GW 6000 Model )

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10. What does Error 11/14 mean and how do I clear it?

These errors refer to Channel 1 and Channel 2 and indicate a short with one or the other. The electric solenoid will need to be checked for a short.

Unplug the drive unit cable from the side cover. Using a voltage meter, measure the resistance (ohms) across the male pins on the end of the cable.
You should read 40-42 ohms across the outer pins and zero from each outer pin to the center pin.
Replace the solenoid if not able to receive readings and the connections are all secure.

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11. What does Error 12/15 mean and what do I do?

This means the solenoids are hot or over heated. This may happen after a very long numbering job using excessive pressure on the impression control dials.
Turn the machine off and let solenoids cool down. This will also occur during a perf job when the heads are in a locked position and the numbering job hasn’t been cleared from memory.
Unlock the heads and clear the numbering job. (GW6000 SN 2110 and lower)

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12. What do I do when I get Error 30/31?

Turn the machine off. Take the Operator side cover off and check that the connections between the display board and ICPU board are firmly connected.
(SN 2110 and lower) Check that the photocell value is between 55-65. Call you dealer if the Error Code continues.

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13. How do I clear Error 60/61 (Line Voltage/Motor Voltage Errors)?

Make sure the machine is not running off an extension cord.
Check line voltage.
Make sure the display and ICPU boards are firmly attached.
Call your dealer if the Error Code continues.

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14. I have just replaced the MSTP board and the machine doesn’t power up.

When replacing this board you must remove the 120V/220V jumper from the original board and use it on the replacement board.
(The jumper is orange in colour and has either black or purple wire in it; purple is for 220V machines, black is for 120V machines, SN2110 and lower only)

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15. I have just replaced the MSTP board and I keep getting Error 01/03 ( paper too long) codes.

After replacing the MSTP board the Photocell must be reset.
Follow instruction sent with the circuit board or contact your Dealer.

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