Why do I keep getting error code 01/03?

This can indicate that the photocell needs to be cleaned. (Important: Only clean the photocell with a dry cotton swab or compressed air. DO NOT use canned air regularly.) Make sure the paper is not skewing as it passes the photocell. Make sure all pulleys and belts are tight. Ensure stock length is the same from [...]

What does error 10/13 mean and how do I clear it?

Error 10 means “Channel 1 Open” and Error 13 means “Channel 2 open”. These errors are typically caused when a numbering program hasn’t been cleared from memory, the heads are not plugged in, or the numbering head is in a locked position unable to fire. This can also be caused by a loose connection between the [...]

What does error 11/14 mean and how do I clear it?

These errors refer to Channel 1 and Channel 2 and indicate a short with one or the other. The electric solenoid will need to be checked for a short. Unplug the drive unit cable from the side cover. Using a voltage meter, measure the resistance (ohms) across the male pins on the end of the cable. [...]