UV coating scratching off printed image

Adhesion to the printed surface will improve over a 24 hour period Use reasonable force when scratching the coating. Apply a piece of tape to the coated sheet, pull the tape off. Does any coating come off with the tape? Increase the intensity of the IR lamps using the control on operator panel Slow the speed [...]

UV coating is not curing

Run 1 sheet , wipe the sheet with a clean dry cloth, if you do not see a smear the coating is cured. If the coating smears, power down machine clean UV lamp with alcohol and clean reflector that surrounds lamp so that reflector has a mirror like finish. If the issue is not resolved replace [...]

Machine will not run

Check that speed control of machine is not set at fully CCW position Check Emergency stop is not engaged Check that guard over rollers is closed and that feed tray is installed If machine is equipped with a clean switch and machine turns when clean switch is used there is a problem with one of the [...]

Why do I keep getting error code 01/03?

This can indicate that the photocell needs to be cleaned. (Important: Only clean the photocell with a dry cotton swab or compressed air. DO NOT use canned air regularly.) Make sure the paper is not skewing as it passes the photocell. Make sure all pulleys and belts are tight. Ensure stock length is the same from [...]