PT335 B Multi

The PT 335B Multi is a versatile automatic creaser with multiple finishing options; cross perforating (with the capability to do partial perfs), choice of three creasing widths, and an array of rotary tools; perforating, scoring, slitting, and kiss-cutting. Equipped with a 4” vacuum pile feeder, an easy to use LCD screen and keyboard, skew compensation, and sheet size up to 13” x 25.5”. With a maximum of 32 crease/perf positions per sheet, 30 job memory, and speeds up to 4,500 sph, the PT 335B Multi is a capable and affordable finishing option.


  • 4” vacuum pile feeder
  •  Easy to use LCD screen and keyboard
  • Speeds up to 4500 sheets per hour
  • Ability to perforate in both directions in one pass
  • Quick and easy job changeover
  • Skew compensation
  • Extendable feeder and exit trays for large stock
 ELECTRICAL  110-130V,  50/60Hz, 15A
 SPEED  4500 SPH*
 MAX STOCK SIZE  13”x 25.5
 MIN STOCK SIZE  4.7”x 5.5”
 STOCK WEIGHT  26# bond- 16 pt
 TABLETOP/FLOOR  Tabletop** 
 FEEDER  4” Airfed vacuum pile feeder
*    Based on 8.5”x 11”run landscape, 1 crease

**   Optional stand available (as shown above)

          PDF-download  PT 335B Multi PDF Information Sheet

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