PT 331SCC Air

  PT331 w airfeed                      


  • Slit, cut, crease or perf in a single pass

  • 150-350 gsm (100 lb text – 16 pt)

  • Interchangeable crease/ perf dies

  • Full or partial cross perf

  • Up to 32 creases/ perfs in one pass

  • Registration mark cut compensation

  • Preset programs and job memory for quick job changeover

  • Manual cut/crease input for custom jobs

  • Easily change slitting formats without removing tools

  • 2″ Vacuum pile feeder


Electrical 110V, 50/60Hz, 15A
Paper Weight 150-350 gsm
Stock Input Size Min- 8.2” x 8.2”             Max- 13” x 26”
Finished Output Size Min- 2” x 1.8”                Max- 13” x 26”
Crease/Perforate 0-32 per pass
Minimum Gap between Crease 0.1 mm
Display and Operation 6″ colour touchscreen
Feed 2″ Vacuum pile feeder
Image Shift Compensation Cut compensation (Y axis)
Gutter Slit 9.5mm/0.375″ 3/8″
Gutter Cut 0mm or 3mm – 15mm
PT 331SCC Air Information sheet  
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