VividCoater XDC 660M (Manual Feed)

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Product Features:

Electrical: 208/220-240V 3 Phase / 60Hz / 60A
Speed: 5900’/hour (1800m/hour)
Max Stock Size: 26”W (66cm)
Stock Weight: 157-450 gsm
* changes according to paper quality
Dimensions: Length: 99” (251 cm)
Width: 45″ (114.5cm)
Height: 36″ (91.5cm)
Weight: 1125 lbs (500 kg)
Height is 55″ when sitting on castors

Miscellaneous Information:

Standard with touch screen controls for easier use
UV and IR (3 bulbs)
Vacuum and air cooled UV Lamp
Deep pile feeder – 18” capacity (optional)
Double sheet detector
Stainless steel doctor blade (on/off lever)
3 roller coating application system
Easy set lever for adjusting roller pressure settings and doctor blade
Note: External ventilation or air purification highly recommended
Sheet counter
Hour counter
Stacker available