GW 460ATS EVA Perfect Binder

Another great addition to our line-up of print finishing solutions. These perfect binding systems are easy to use and give excellent results for anyone looking for a short to medium length run solution. These machines are solidly built and include features that are normally standard on more expensive units.

Product Photo:

460A 2020      


Product Video:

Product Features:

Electrical: 220-240V 1phase / 20A
Floor Model: Yes
Cycle Speed: 450 books/hour
Max Binding Length: 18.1”(46cm)
Max Binding Thickness: 2.25”(6cm)
Notching: Double layer (24 blades)
Dimensions: Length: 62” (156 cm)
Width: 29” (72 cm)
Height: 51” (130 cm)
Weight: 575 lbs (260 kg)
Clamping of Sheets: Electric / fully automatic
Clamping of Cover: Electric
Side Gluing: Yes
Cover Insertion: Manual
Warm up Time: 20-30 minutes
LCD Display: Yes
Dust Extraction: Vacuum, enclosed

Miscellaneous Information:

Clamp opens and closes with the single press of a button
Notching blades are housed beneath safety covers so that that are not exposed to the operator
Hot melt glue is applied to the spine by a rotating application drum
A scraper bar ensures that a smooth and uniform thickness of glue is always applied
Nip dwell time can be adjusted to ensure professional looking finished pieces are produced every time

PDF-downloadGW 460ATS pdf information sheet