PT335 AKF Automatic Creaser/Knife Folder

Consolidate tasks and improve efficiency with the PT335 AKF.  Processes up to a maximum sheet size of 13″ x 35″ / 33.02 cm x 88.90 cm. The PT335 AKF features an efficient 4″ deep vacuum pile feeder, automated setup with easy to follow touchscreen controls, easy to replace front loading interchangeable crease/perf dies, 7 preset folds, micro- adjust compensation and more. 

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Product Features:

Electrical: 110V, 50/60Hz, 15A
Speed: 6,500 sph* (8.5”x11”, half fold)
Maximum Output Size: 13” x 35” 
33.02 cm x 88.90 cm
Minimum Output Size: 5.5” x 6”
13.97 cm x 15.24cm
Stock Weight: 150-350 gsm (100 lb text to 16 pt)
Tabletop/Floor: Floor
Fold Types 7 preset folds and micro-adjust compensation
Setup Automated touchscreen control
Feeder: 4: deep vacuum pile feeder
Dies: Interchangeable crease/cross-perf dies available

   PT 335AKF PDF Information Sheet


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