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Introducing the PT 33LSC

 The PT 33LSC is the world’s first fully automated laminator that slits and cuts to finished size, saving hours of trimming and cutting after the laminating process. Designed to meet the demands of the digital short run printer, the PT 33LSC not only cuts to bleed but has pouch mode where you can choose your encapsulation size or perform true singled sided laminating with the ability to easily control the curl with the anti-curl device. Automatic setup, productive speeds and the efficient pile feeder makes for a ‘set it and forget it’ laminating experience.   

We are a Canadian based company with dealers located throughout Canada,
the United States, and in more than 40 countries abroad.

buildingWe are a North American Company with dealers located throughout Canada, the United States and abroad.  Graphic Whizard has built a superb reputation for manufacturing and distributing quality Print Finishing Equipment.  Since our beginning in Ontario, Canada building number/perf/score machines and our expansion to creasing equipment, Graphic Whizard now provides a broad range of bindery/print finishing equipment able to fulfill any production requirement and budget.  In 2019 Graphic Whizard USA Inc was established in Webster NY.Current products include slit/cut/score machines, Creaser, Crease/folders, UV Coaters, Perfect Binders EVA & PUR, Number/Perf/Score machines, folders, feeders and more.  Since 1987, Graphic Whizard has installed thousands of systems worldwide through our global network of dealers and distributors who provide local hands-on sales and technical expertise. .

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